My Virtual Balcony

Hi! Join me on my virtual balcony overlooking Jacksonville Beach!

     I have never cared to embrace the shoulder-to-shoulder life of a city dweller and Entomophobia prevents the obvious choice of an awesome country life, along with a few other issues, i.e., job market not cooperating, a husband who refuses to ‘just pack-up & go’, I only had a few options.

      I could get a job; okay, I’ll get right on that, the instant I master the craft of mind melding. Apparently that is the only way I am going to convince anyone to overlook the gaps in my resume, due to returning to school. No one laughed, objected, or even questioned my decision to return to school. (I will return to this subject later and I hope you find it as amusing as I did/do!)

      I could get a divorce; however, since watching the Investigative Discovery channel, that option has a deceptively thin edge that could spoil the ‘happy-ever-ending’. Besides, I like having someone take care of me, and I am still fond of the guy.

      Subsequently, I decided to live on the beaches of Jacksonville Beach virtually; I figure if one can work in a virtual, why can’t one live in a virtual city? At times it reminds me of Facebook; I choose whether a person can visit or not, and I choose no bugs, beautiful weather, the beach & you!

      When I am not submitting resumes, reading online articles explaining the differences between different resume formats, watching ID and trying to write I like to bowl. I honestly do enjoy bowling I just wish I could; so when people see me carrying my bowling ball and ask if I’m going bowling, (and I don’t have any Bill Envall’s “Here’s Your Sign” stickers), I reply I going to Karaoke.

      If you would like something to put a smile on your face, forget about work, bills and all your troubles for a few minutes connect with me & enjoy the ocean view from my virtual balcony!


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